Toddler Time

Toddlers Can Give Too!

Is your Tod asking about the Holidays?  Do they want to give a gift of their own now???

They learn by watching you!!  By giving, you make a difference to others!  To a toddler it can be an empowering experience.  It builds confidence. The trick is to find a way to involve them so that you are teaching the importance of giving. Here are a few simple ways you can have them help with giving to others during and after the holiday season.

Let them help make presents for loved ones and neighbors during the New Year!  Make sure that  they hand deliver the gift so they can hear the other person say thank you and see the happiness they shared!

Giving as a family by getting involved with community service projects is another way to promote giving with your toddler. Let them see your example and show them how much you value charity.

Look for ways every member of the family can make a contribution.  Send letters and care packages for the military, elderly or hospitals. Have your kids help by making cookies, shop for goodies and write thank you letters to include in the package

By next Holiday season, your toddler will be ready to help you and WANT to GIVE!!!!