Toddler Time


Why do our toddlers crave routines and repetition?



Toddlers love to sing the same song or read the same story over and over and over.  To parents it can become tedious to read the same story or do the same thing each day but for toddlers the benefits are tremendous.


Routines provide a sense of predictability in a child’s ever changing environment. Toddlers are rapidly developing. With all the changes happening within their little bodies the routine and repetition provide the security that they need. 


Routines help to establish boundaries and teach good habits. They can also help eliminate power struggles and give your toddler the confidence to take charge when they know what comes next! Be sure to include space in your daily routines for exploration and creativity. You should also give many opportunities for your child to make choices for themselves. This will help your toddler grow into a secure, confident young adult with a great sense of their personal likes and dislikes as well as tons of healthy habits to help them grow.