Think Outside the Box

Spring is in the air! What a relief! Thoughts of spring bring to our minds images of new growth – flowers, baby rabbits, and GARDENS! Planting a garden with your child can be a treasure-trove of learning moments.

Let’s begin with some ideas for a garden. First, decide what kind of garden you want to plant. An indoor garden? Grab some pots, soil and seeds, and you’re set. A pallet garden is a nice way to have a small garden either on your patio or a corner of the back yard. A container garden (made with 5 gallon buckets – holes drilled in the bottom and pebbles placed inside under the soil) is a fantastic, easy to manage method! Or you can opt for the full-on garden in the backyard, with rows and rows of yummy goodness come harvest time.

Once you have decided what type of garden you’re going to plant, you need to choose your plants. Discuss with your child how each type of plant grows. Is it a vine? Will the food grow underground (carrots), or above ground (peas). How many different plants should we grow? The ideal garden will have all three. Then the fun stuff! As you add the soil to the containers and plant the seeds in the soil, you can play a counting game. And once you’re done, as you water the new garden, an extra container of soil and some water make a great sensory activity.

Caring for your container garden is a wonderful activity for you and your child to share. Watching the plants grow, estimating when they will begin to become something we can eat, and finally, harvest time all hold so many lessons for you to share with your child. We hope you will share your gardening adventures with us! Photos, stories, and things that you did to “Think Outside the Box!”