Outdoor Classroom


Spring is here (in most states!) and it will be summer before you know it.  The warm sunshine and soft breezes are beckoning the entire family to venture outside.  Here is a list of 20 quick, simple and fun outdoor activities to get your kids outside without breaking the bank.  Because outdoor adventures with children never have to be elaborate, browse this list and be prepared to have fun!

  1. Go on a bug hunt.
  2. Melt some crayons in the sun.
  3. Play in the sandbox.
  4. Investigate your yard or neighboring park with a magnifying glass.
  5. Paint some rocks with water colors.
  6. Wash the paint away with the hose.
  7. Ride a bike, trike or scooter around the block.
  8. Set up a backyard car wash with sponges, water and trikes.
  9. Wash a real car.
  10. Dig in the dirt with scoops and shovels.
  11. Jump in puddles.
  12. Paint with a fly swatter.
  13. Take a dog for a walk.
  14. Color on the driveway with sidewalk chalk.
  15. Make stepping stones for your garden.
  16. Take some books outside and read under a tree.
  17. Stack and balance rocks.
  18. Find shapes in the clouds.
  19. Make mud pies.
  20. Have an ice cream taste test.