Outdoor Classroom

Sticky Nature Wristband


Creating a “nature wristband” is a great way for children to look for patterns, color and texture in the natural world and have a fun, wearable project to show for it!


What You Need

  • masking tape
  • items from nature (leaves, flower petals, seeds, moss, bark, etc.)What You Do

    Wrap a piece of masking tape loosely around the wrist with the sticky side facing outward, then head out into a park or your backyard to create your wristband.  Your child can create different wristbands in all kinds of variations: all one color or a variety of colors; following a pattern or in an abstract design, using all one kind of item from nature or as many different types as they can find.  In truth, the possibilities are endless.


    Asking questions like  “How many different colors can you find,” “Can you find three different textures to add to your bracelet?” will easily extend your child’s learning—and help their creative juices flow!