Outdoor Classroom


Hey, baby, it’s cold outside!   Don’t let the cold keep you from bundling up for some terrific winter fun.  Challenging your children to move away from their computer and television screens can be difficult during the cold winter months, but the payoff will be tremendous.  Knowing the right outdoor activities for icy winter days is the first step to having an active and healthy winter.  With January’s freezing temperatures, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the cold weather with a fun experiment!

You might associate blowing bubbles with shorts, bare feet and green grass, but in the winter time, this activity takes on an entirely different dimension.   Simply bundle up the children and venture outside on any day when it’s below 32 degrees and try this: blow a bubble and then catch it on the bubble wand.  Wait a few moments while it freezes and your child will see it turn into a cool crystal ball before it shatters!

You can also make icy crystals with your bubble solution!  Simply dip a large loop into the bubble solution.  Instead of blowing a bubble, watch the crystals grow.  In no time at all, they will form a beautiful lattice structure.