Outdoor Classroom

Don’t let the winter keep you from bundling up for some terrific winter fun.  Challenging your children to move away from their computer and television screens can be difficult during the cold winter months, but the payoff will be tremendous.  Knowing the right outdoor activities for icy winter days is the first step to having an active and healthy winter.  With January’s freezing temperatures, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the cold weather with a fun experiment!

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Infant Insights

Ear Infections in Infants

Unfortunately a large majority of infants will experience at least one ear infection during their first year of life.  It is a very common illness in young children due to undeveloped Eustachian tubes and still developing immune systems.  For some infants there are tell tale signs that they have an ear infection but for others the infection may go unnoticed until diagnosed by a physician.  Some things to watch for are a fever, rubbing or pulling at the ear, crying when sucking on a bottle, discomfort when lying flat, and a loss of sleep or appetite.

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January Healthy Tips

Fun in the Winter Sun

“But, baby its cold outside.” It may be cold outside, but it’s just as important for children to get physical activity during the winter as it is during the warmer months. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that physical activity should be a healthy part of your family’s routine throughout the year. And safety should always be a central part of your children’s recreational fun. Read more

Laugh Monday


While chatting with a mom today, her preschool aged daughter kept talking and repeating herself the entire time.  She was mumbling a ton of jibberish, and having a good ole time.  Her mom asked her nicely to be quiet and with the biggest eyes, and most solemn expression she looked at her mom and said, “But mom, I am at school and I’m learning!”

Think Outside the Box

Winter is being tough on most of us this year.  Many people have more snow than they know what to do with right now!  Why not put that snow to use?  Have some fun and spend some of that ‘snowbound energy’ the kids are full of!  Learn about snow – and play with it at the same time. Read more

Jan Baby Sign Language

Your child will have a ton of fun learning these new signs this month!

Book, star, comb, moon, song, sock, and yogurt are the signs we are introducing.  Talk to your child’s teacher to discuss ideas on how to incorporate these new signs at home!

Toddler Time

Toddlers Can Give Too!

Is your Tod asking about the Holidays?  Do they want to give a gift of their own now??? Read more