Infant Insights

Motor Development

All areas of development are important in your infant’s development but only his/her motor development can affect your infant’s development in all other areas.  Parents need to nurture and support their baby’s development by providing a safe space for exploration and by challenging them to progress towards the next milestone.  Every infant will progress at their own rate but there are milestones that should help you make sure that your baby is developing appropriately.  Any concerns should be discusses with your pediatrician.

Between birth and 8 months of age you will notice that your infant will begin to make meaningful movements in order to move his/her body and to interact with the environment.  One of the first things you should notice is increased head control followed by rolling over and then your infant’s ability to support his/her upper torso turning tummy time.  You baby will also start to coordinate the use of his or her hand, fingers and sight in order to manipulate objects in the environment.  You should start to notice that your baby blinks when the sun shines in his/her eyes, follows a moving person with his/her eyes, and reaches for and grasps an object.

From 6 to 18 months you will see large advancements in your infant’s large and small motor development.  Your infant will begin sitting up independently, start crawling, and even start walking during this time period.  You will begin to notice your infant transferring toys from one had to another, turning the pages of a board book, and using their index finger and thumb to pick up food to feed themselves.