A Fun Math Activity From Home!

As you are creating your new at-home schedule, now is the perfect time to support your child’s sense of time. Children at this age are able to identify simple time concepts, such as morning, afternoon, evening, and night. Talk to your child about what activities typically happen during these different times of day. Help your child learn to recognize cues for identifying what time of day it is. For example, say, “We just finished lunch, so that must mean it is afternoon.”

Help your child create a Time of Day chart. Encourage your child to sort daily activities into columns based on what time of day you do them. You can use index cards with words or pictures for the activities. Consider using actions like: brush your teeth, play a game, put on pajamas, eat dinner, take out the garbage, eat breakfast, take a nap, read a story with family, take a bath, make your bed, and eat a snack, etc. You can extend this activity by encouraging your child to put 3-6 of the activities into the correct time sequence. Ask your child to identify what happens first, next, and last.