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About The Primeron Preschool in Odenton, MD

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Looking for Odenton preschools or early education programs? The Primeron is a premier school for early childhood education in Odenton, Maryland. We take a personalized approach to each child in recognizing their unique talents and specific needs. We are guided by five fundamental principles that enable us to foster a nurturing environment that promotes self-confidence and a sense of achievement. By implementing these principles, we assist our children in developing their physical, intellectual, academic, and social skills in a manner that prepares them for not only elementary school but beyond.

At The Primeron preschool and daycare center, we approach each child as an individual with their own talents and one-of-a-kind needs. Each day is a new opportunity to inspire children and instill a love of lifelong learning through structured academics, hands-on activities, and group play.

Through our curriculum, we focus on building a strong academic foundation of both Literacy and Math concepts; so they are prepared for elementary school and beyond. Our curriculum begins with letter and number recognition in our Toddler program, which leads to reading small paragraphs and mastering addition and subtraction in our Pre-K program.

At The Primeron, we also believe in guiding the whole child through their early years in our preschool programs. This includes, but is not limited to: teaching independence and self-help skills; problem-solving techniques; social and emotional development, such as conflict resolution and behavior management, and more.

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Our Building is Designed to Help Your Child Build a Strong Foundation for Their Future

Our child development center is located in a beautiful setting on 1.54 acres of landscaped grounds. We have one of the largest outdoor playgrounds in the region, with both covered and uncovered areas. Our safe and nurturing environment promotes exploration of interests from an early age.

Our building has spacious, well-equipped classrooms and large windows through which sunlight streams in. The Primeron takes the security of our children very seriously and maintains an advanced security system. The premises, both indoor and outdoor, including all classrooms, are monitored by video cameras 24/7. The classroom area is separated from the front entrance by a door, which can be accessed only by fingerprint authentication. We adhere to health and safety protocols to ensure each child’s safety.

Our center is located only 4.5 (four and a half) minutes from the Odenton MARC Train Station, making it convenient for working parents to drop off their children and take the commuter train to work. Parents can rest assured that their child is in a stimulating environment filled with educational activities, caring teachers, and play-based learning.

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Our Early Education Programs

Infant/Toddler Care

The Primeron provides a secure, comfortable, and loving environment where infants and toddlers can grow. We keep your little one busy and stimulated throughout the day while focusing on developing their individual growth. Our program develops your child’s skills in Language, Social/Emotional, Physical, and Cognitive areas while meeting their individual daily needs. Each child deserves individualized care, and unlike other daycare centers, The Primeron is able to deliver.

Toddlers are unique in their curiosity and are beginning to discover what their hands, fingers, feet, and minds can do. At The Primeron, these inquiring minds are generously exposed to language and reading, building activities, mathematics (e.g., numbers), and practice of fine motor skills to help them write and draw as soon as possible. Outdoor learning and physical activity are also encouraged and a part of daily activities.


Our Preschool experience is designed to challenge our students and provide structured learning opportunities in fundamental concepts such as Literacy (vocabulary, sight words, and reading comprehension) as well as Mathematics. Instruction comes in many forms: structured lessons, hands-on activities, student-guided learning, and play. Teaching children how to express themselves creatively through art and sensory activities is also an integral part of the Preschool program at The Primeron as well as providing ample opportunities for motor development and self-help skills.


Our Pre-K program is designed to prepare your child for elementary school and beyond by mimicking many activities and standards that they will experience during their early school years. Homework, storytelling, music, games, and hands-on activities are a few of the ways we accomplish this goal. It also develops growth in their motor, social, and communication skills. We encourage children to approach learning as a fun and enjoyable activity rather than feeling obligated to school. This way, children embrace learning and develop a healthy relationship with academic education.


Our Kindergarten program is an MSDE-approved non-public school program that builds upon our structured Pre-K curriculum and aligns with Maryland State Learning Standards. In Kindergarten, children continue building their vocabulary and are introduced to relatively challenging Mathematics (multiplication, division) after mastering addition and subtraction. The program provides opportunities to work through cognitive challenges requiring reasoning and logic, thus building upon these skill sets. Students also experience learning activities in art, social sciences, and physical education lessons. Our program will open doors for them to make great progress in different areas of learning.

School Age

School-age children need a place where they can take a break from the formally structured school day while still receiving the attention and support they crave. Between homework support, extended learning activities, gross motor opportunities, and more, students in our School Age program get the best of both worlds in a safe and secure environment.

Summer Programs

The Primeron offers the perfect Summer Program for children 5-12 years of age that can expand their understanding of concepts they learned the previous school year in an engaging way through fun activities and clubs. 

We accomplish this by combining educational learning activities with new, fun, and exciting experiences all summer long. Learning activities are balanced with hands-on adventures that provide social skills, opportunities for academic progress, and most importantly — FUN! 

Choose between Literacy Club and Math Club to best fit your child’s needs and where you think your child could use a little extra support. Each day, your child will spend a little time using age-appropriate materials to build their Math or Literacy skills and keep their learning fresh throughout the summer. Social and emotional skills are critical for a child’s overall development during these formative years. 

Our Summer Program provides ample opportunities for interactions with new, and familiar, friends from the community. Through independent, small group, and whole group activities — children are able to practice conflict resolution, problem solving, and many other useful social skills with each other. Summer is the BEST time to make new friends and continue building relationships!

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Your child is unique, and we are happy to provide an educational, fun, and nurturing environment where each child can develop and thrive in order to build a bright future with unlimited possibilities.