Infant Insights

Holiday Hustle & Bustle

  The busy holiday season is quickly approaching.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas give us reasons to celebrate and help bring family and friends together. As parents it can also be a stressful time and we need to realize that it can be stressful for our infants.  Everything from that cute Halloween costume to the overstimulation of holiday lights and decorations can cause your baby to become irritable.  Here are some ways to minimize the factors that may bring stress to your infant during the holidays.


  1. Remember to remain calm and realistic in your own expectations.  Your baby can feel it if you are stressed and upset.  He/she will take cues on how to respond to a situation from you.
  2. Try to maintain your child’s routine as much as possible.  Keep feeding and nap schedules as normal as possible and try to plan your events around you baby’s schedule.  Remember not to over schedule and plan as much down time as possible.
  3. Plan ahead when traveling to other peoples’ houses.  Will you need a portable crib/play yard?  If there a quiet space that you will be able to go to if your baby is getting irritable?  Will you have enough formula, food, diapers, and wipes for your visit?  Did you remember infant Tylenol and gas drops just in case?
  4. Limit the length of your shopping trips when you have your infant with you.  Everyone wants the perfect costume and present but going from store to store can wear on you and your child.  Have a list and a plan before you leave or do a majority of your shopping online.
  5. When decorating your home for the holidays remember to keep it child friendly.  The new decorations and lights will catch your infant’s attention and if they are mobile they will not be able to resist getting their hands on them.  Keep decorations out of reach and consider leaving the bottom portion of your tree undecorated.
  6. Most importantly remember to enjoy all of these new firsts with your infant.  Do not get lost in the hustle and bustle of the holidays and forget to take in each moment.