Infant Insights

Language Development in Infants

Many people think that language development is measured only by whether or not your child is beginning to make sounds or starting to speak.  In fact there are many different areas of language development that you should look at when evaluation your child’s language development including their ability to comprehend language, express language, and social communication.  Some examples of each area are listed below.

Clues that you baby is starting to comprehend language range from turning his/her head when there is a loud sound to pointing to specific a object when asked where it is located.  When your infant starts to recognize your voice or reach for their bottle when ask “Do you want your bottle?” their language is developing.  Eventually they will begin to bring you or point to objects that you are requesting.  They may not be able to name the object but they do understand what you have said.

Your child expresses himself/herself from birth.  Normally it does not take long to learn your infant’s different cries and what they mean.  Your infant will begin smiling and cooing to express himself/herself.  Before you know it you will start recognizing vowels and consonants and then eventually words to indicate your baby’s wants and needs. One word with turn into 2 words strung together and at some point a sentence.

All of the items listed above will help your baby with social communication.  When your infant coos you will begin to notice that they pause and wait for you to respond.  They are having a “conversation” with you.  They will begin to wave bye-bye when someone waves to them and begin to play peek-a-boo.  They are slowly learning the art of conversation.  All of these things factor into your infant’s language development.