Infant Insights

Bonding with Your Baby

In the first year, babies develop bonds of trust with their parents and other primary caregivers as part of their social and emotional development.  The basis is being set at this early age for how your baby will interact not only with you but with others.

Here are some tips that can help them foster positive relationships:

  1. Talk to your baby as often as you can.  Take advantage of routine care opportunities such as diapering and bathing to talk to your infant. Be sure to use a soft, calming voice.
  2. When your baby is making sounds you need to answer them by repeating the sounds and adding additional words.  This helps them understand the give and take of conversation.
  3. Read to your baby.  Not only does this help you make a connection and build language but it also helps foster a love of reading which your child will carry with him/her through adulthood.
  4. Sing to your baby often and play a variety of music.
  5. Praise your baby and give his/her lots of attention.
  6. Provide frequent physical contact such as cuddling to help your baby feel secure.