Hot Air Balloon Project

Supply list:

  1. Paper – color of your choice
  2. Paint dobbers or paint
  3. Paintbrush if you use regular paint
  4. Toilet paper rolls
  5. Scissors
  6. Yarn
  7. Stapler or glue

This 3D craft is wonderful as summer comes closer! As you are out and about with your child they may see hot air balloons or other transportation vehicles that move about the air. This project will provoke those fun questions and get their little minds thinking! In order to create this project you will need the supplies list above. Once you’ve gathered your supplies you can start. First, you will want to cut the color of paper you have selected into four strips about two inches think and lay them out for your child. Have your child paint the strips and decorate them in whatever way they would like. While your child is decorating the paper, take the toilet paper roll and cut it in half. Have your child decorate the toilet paper roll. Once all the pieces of the hot air balloon are complete it is time to construct the balloon! Staple or glue the four strips together like shown above and then attach them in the same fashion at the bottom of the strips. Then, take the yarn and cut it about two inches long and staple I to both the bottom of the paper balloon and the top of the toilet roll. Once you have completed the balloon your child can hang it anywhere they would like.

Happy May and Enjoy the upcoming Summer Fun!