Connecting with Crafts: Father’s Day- June



Finger paint




Colored popsicle stick



Happy Father’s Day to all the father’s out there! This craft is a fun and easy craft that your child can complete with nearly no help! A handmade gift for dad is always appreciated and cherished. First, gather the supplies listed above. Then, have your child paint the masterpiece you are planning on framing. They can create anything they’d like as this is a good time for them to get all their creative juices out and really experience creative expression. Once they are through with their masterpiece set it aside to dry. Next, have your child use four colored popsicle sticks and glue them together as pictured above. Once the masterpiece is dry, glue the frame on top of the artwork, tie a bow around it and you’re gift is complete! A nice touch would to add a magnet to the back as well, then it can be hung from the refrigerator! Hope you have a very Happy Father’s Day. ~ Love the PCA Family