As we say goodbye to March and all of the fun we have had with our little leprechaun friends, here is a great way to try to “trap” one for next year!  Use your imagination and send us your pictures!

Suggested Supplies:

  • Shoe box or small box
  • Green paint, green markers, green crayons
  • Gold coins
  • Rainbows
  • Ribbons, collage materials
  • Stickers

March is a time where four leaf cloves and gold coins flourish! Leprechauns are on the hunt for treasures! March is a great time to get your youngsters excited about the holiday by having them build a leprechaun trap. Using the supplies above you can come up with just about any design and trap that you can think of. There are no stipulations on your trap. This is a creative project for the whole family to be as unique as possible. As a family construct the traps and have your child hide the trap outside for St. Patrick’s day. Once it is hidden you can jumble the trap up and make it look as if the leprechaun has checked it out by putting green foot prints or green toys inside for your little one to find. It encourages imagination, creativity and most of all fun on St. Patrick’s day, as well as any other day of the year!