New Year’s Resolutions for School Age Children

It seems that at the beginning of every year people reassess their lives and priorities and set goals for the year ahead.  This is a great task to do with your school age children as well.  Teaching your children to look at ways to improve themselves can be very empowering.

One great area to talk with your children about is chores around the house.  School agers are all old enough to be helping keep the house looking good and staying clean.  This also helps instill a sense of responsibility and pride in keeping things they own in good shape.  Children can take on tasks with varying complexity depending on their age.  Younger children can help set and clear the dinner table, keep their rooms picked up and free of toys and clothes on the floor, make their own beds or feeding the family pets.  Older children can help with dusting, vacuuming, yard work and even helping with cooking.  Try to think of ways that they can not only be helpful, but maybe join you in a task to make it more fun for everyone!

In February, the PCA curriculum also looks at Healthy Bodies in Motion.  Being healthier and getting more exercise is something that benefits the whole family.  Talk to your children about ways in which they can eat better!  Again, work together to find ways to substitute those unhealthy food choices for fruit, veggies and fun swaps like peanut butter on an apple or hummus and celery.  It’s always better to discuss these options with them to get their “buy in” on these new snacks!  Goals like limiting soda, sugary snacks and fast food are always winners!  Finally, find ways to get your kids moving more.  Take family walks, go for bike rides, hiking at a local park or just throwing the ball outside together are great for children and parents.  Creating active time together is not only healthy but a great way to create fun family memories.