Dear Mom & Dad,

I know the last few months have been a challenge. You’ve done a great job. It’s time to think about KindergartenWhat I need this Fall is to feel comforted and loved in a safe and nurturing environment. The right Kindergarten will help me continue to learn, grow curiosities, and thrive as we navigate this new world  

Distance learning was an adventure.  I hope to soon be surrounded by my friends, to hear other kids laugh, to run and play with kids my own age and be enthralled in the creativity and imagination of my peers. I’m eager to start school this fall with a well-rounded Kindergarten curriculum that includes ample outdoor time, music, art and more. 

I need to be in the presence of enthusiastic educators dedicated to providing one-on-one guidance to prepare me for First Grade. Kindergarten is an important milestone in my education. The customized learning and small class size will greatly benefit future learning anhelp me garner essential skills. 

yearn for an exceptional education and fun-filled days in an environment that has gone the extra mile to ensure the well-being of memy friends, my family and my teachers! I know that the outside world is scary sometimesPlease choose school that stringently follows mandated health and safety procedures and has introduced additional measures that will be sure to keep us safe from the scary virus that disrupted our year. 

It won’t be the first day of school we imagined. I likely won’t ride the bus this year. There may be new rules around masks and the distance between me and my friends, but together we can prepare for elementary school.   

I appreciate your love and dedication, but it’s time to gather the strength and courage to allow me to thrive in the appropriate place, with the qualified and caring teachers and our friends!