Learning At Home For 1-2 Year Olds Part 3

Toddler Activities | May 11, 2020

Fine Motor Activity: Puffy Sticker Ocean Supplies: Puffy Stickers on a Plastic Backing, Blue Construction Paper and Any Other Items to Decorate Their “Ocean” Directions: Give your child a piece of blue construction paper and a sheet of the puffy stickers. Have your child remove the puffy sticker from the plastic backing and put it… Read More

Learning At Home For 1-2 Year Olds Part 2

Toddler Activities | May 4, 2020

Science & Sensory Activity: Color Blend Supplies: Ziploc Bags and Different Colors of Paint Directions: Have your child add different colors of paint to the bag, zip it up and let them blend the colors together to create a new color! Make sure that you seal the zip lock bag with clear packing tape to… Read More

Learning At Home For 1-2 Year Olds Part 1

Toddler Activities | April 27, 2020

Fine Motor Activity: Cotton Cupcakes Supplies: A Variety of Tongs, Cotton Balls & A Cupcake Tin or Various Bowls Directions: Have your child move the cotton balls from a bowl into the different sections of the cupcake tin or various bowls. Have them try using different sizes and styles of tongs. Have them also count… Read More

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