All About Me Book

Preschool Activities | May 19, 2020

This Is Me! For this activity, have your child describe themselves on paper, then bind the pages together in a book.  A few page suggestions include the following: “This is me” -a self-portrait “This is my family” -a family portrait “Here is my hand” -a hand tracing “My favorite foods” -picture cutouts/print outs “My favorite… Read More

Plus One

Preschool Activities | May 19, 2020

Paper Chain Calendar This will be a fun activity that your child will wake up every day wanting to do right after they brush their teeth!  To create a visual structure of one-to-one correspondence, explain to your child that they will be creating a paper chain with a link for each day in the month. … Read More

Book Making Activity

Preschool Activities | May 19, 2020

Make It. Write It. Read It. Having your young children create their own books is one of the best activities to encourage them to write.  A variety of books can be made, including “peek-a-boo” books, pop-up books, shape books (cover is in the outline of a particular animal or other theme), accordion books (paper is… Read More

Self-Image Activity

Preschool Activities | May 19, 2020

Positive Self-Image A child’s social-emotional development is as important as his or her cognitive and physical development. Children are not born with these skills; rather, they take direct instruction and support to develop. Self-image is one of the most important factors that affects a child’s behaviors. It’s also cyclical, meaning that a child behaves in… Read More

A Fun Literacy Activity

Preschool Activities | May 18, 2020

Sounding Out Words Understanding how to segment words into their smaller parts (called phonemes) is an important pre-reading skill. For example, as part of the Ascend Curriculum, we have been practicing breaking up words like ‘cat’ into the /c/ and /at/ phonemes and then blending them back together. We have also worked on making new… Read More

A Fun Math Activity

Preschool Activities | May 15, 2020

Solving Math Problems with Pictures This month, as part of the Ascend Curriculum, we are exploring pictorial math problems. These types of problems require a different set of skills than typical math computation problems, because your child must apply math operations to real-world contexts. Try these activities at home to help your child will learn… Read More

Science Activity: Learning Your Body Parts

Preschool Activities | May 14, 2020

Body Parts Head to Toe Preschool children should be learning to identify and name all their major body parts. Try some of the following activities to support this science skill at home. Make a game out of naming various body parts and having your child point to them. Name both simple and a few more… Read More

Problem-Solving Activity

Preschool Activities | May 13, 2020

Managing Angry Feelings Through our Kind Child school culture, we have learned that friends work together to solve problems and that takes clear communication. Your child can begin to use words to express her feelings. We all feel anger from time to time. Unfortunately, children’s instinctive reaction to angry feelings can be to act out… Read More

Recreate A Family Vacation

Preschool Activities | May 12, 2020

Recreate a Family Vacation Families are so important to us at Cadence Education and we recognize that each family is special! It’s important to us that you share your family traditions, practices, and culture within your child’s classroom. When each child’s family background is celebrated, all the children learn to appreciate what makes each person… Read More

Storytelling Activity

Preschool Activities | May 11, 2020

Storytime and Dialogic Reading Our teachers use a method of storytelling called Dialogic Reading, in which storytime is more of an interactive conversation than just a passive experience for the child. Extensive research has shown that preschool children who have been read to using the Dialogic Reading method outperform their peers who experienced traditional storytime… Read More

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