Balloon Blow Up!

Get ready to blow up a balloon by pouring vinegar into a water bottle and baking soda into a balloon. When ready carefully attach the balloon to the opening of the water bottle without mixing in the baking soda with the vinegar. Have your child carefully tip the balloon, pour the baking soda into the bottle, and watch the balloon expand!


  • Balloon
  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Empty Water Bottle

Age-appropriate Adaptations:

  • Two-year-olds—Set up the experiment, assist your child in pouring the baking soda into the bottle, and ask your child what happened to the balloon.
  • Three-year-olds—Assist your child in setting up the experiment and pour the baking soda into the bottle. Discuss what happened to the balloon.
  • Four-/Five-year-olds—With adult supervision have your child set up the experiment. Have your child predict what will happen to the balloon before pouring the baking soda, once your child has made a prediction have them pour in the baking soda and discuss the reaction.

Skills Supported: science, following steps, fine motor skills

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